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Penile Pumps - An Overview on Why It Works


Yes it works. It can easily give you an erection. It is not an out-of-date erectile dysfunction treatment as some would like to believe. A renowned urologist mentioned in his expert statement during a medical convention for new breakthroughs, 'modern intimate Bathmate Direct pumps or so called vacuum constriction devices are highly effective yet cheap'. Doctors around the world, even your personal doctor, would call it business from past until the future. It is reasonable but a low cost treatment that is purely effective. There is not a single report documented of a complaint against if vacuum constriction devices work. As a matter of fact, the American Urological Association mentioned that vacuum constriction devices are useful if PDE5-inhibitor drugs are ineffective.


Just like any other brands of vacuum constriction devices, hercules bathmate, uses a pumping mechanism that allows air in the tube. This results in an increase blood flow into the erectile tissue. Many clinical studies resulted in a high satisfaction rate among those who used it in long term. It is proven to be highly successful in penile rehabilitation.


There is one procedure called the radical prostatectomy which can cause temporary impotence. This is due to nerve damage as a result of the procedure. Doctors recommend vacuum constriction devices to avoid penile tissue atrophy which can later on cause long-term dysfunction. Postoperatively, the vacuum constriction device is a good way to rehabilitate and return the function of penile muscles and nerves.


Most vacuum constriction devices at bathmatedirect.com are available over the counter. It is also used by young men, especially among Asians to increase the length and girth to increase performance. You can accomplish this by doing a 30-minute session at least 4 times a week for several months. Long term studies reported of an increase in length and girth of the along with good performance for those who have done it religiously.


Most oral medications won't work with patients who have associated heart problems. Hence, vacuum constriction devices will resolve this problem without getting side effects. With proper use and practice, vacuum constriction devices will be a blessing for most men. It is not just easy to apply in your life but it costs less. There will be no need for any invasive surgery to solve your problems. It is better if you will use it combining other treatments and medications. This is another way for you and your partner to enjoy intimate moments. It is very easy to understand, use, and maintain. vacuum constriction devices have saved lots of marriages and it will also save yours. Know more about penis enlargement at http://www.ehow.com/about_5655100_average-cost-penile-enlargement-surgery.html.